As the new year rolled around, many college students hoped the long-awaited
transition to in-person classes and an overall return to normalcy would follow. The circumstances surrounding the pandemic, however, have delayed this transition, forcing students across the nation to prepare for another semester of virtual learning. While the idea of Zoom lectures, virtual office hours and labs, and limited interaction with peers is no longer foreign, college students are still navigating the challenges associated with this style of learning.
A particular challenge that is familiar to every individual, student or not, is a loss of motivation.

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To combat this sense of defeat and disappointment, it is important to first recognize the challenges out of your control that most significantly affect your learning before actively working to improve the circumstances you can control. …

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Reflecting on the first semester of widespread remote learning in history, there were several unexpected challenges that college students had to navigate. One of which was the issue of separating work from leisure. Without the structure of in-person classes and being unable to see friends regularly due to COVID restrictions, weekdays tended to blend into weekends.

This lack of distinction resulted in the decline of many students’ mental health as we struggled to balance schoolwork and downtime.

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Author: Julia Raczek

For college students, the COVID-19 virus has made the transition to a new normal particularly challenging. Universities across the country switched to remote classes for the fall semester as the COVID-19 threat became increasingly pervasive.

This decision was intended to prioritize the health and wellbeing of both students and faculty by alleviating the anxiety and stress surrounding the virus. As the semester goes on, however, students are experiencing unprecedented challenges surrounding virtual courses. Whether it be overwhelming anxiety about staying healthy or remaining engaged in virtual classes, student life is not what it was.

While virtual learning poses several challenges for students, especially those nearing the end of their college career, a way to alleviate post-graduation stress and combat a lack of motivation is by establishing a connection with professors. Fostering a professional relationship with those in your field has invaluable benefits. …



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